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Now you can surf the web and chat with friends worldwide even if you don't know any foreign languages.

All you need for instant online translation is the Ectaco Online Dictionary! It is the simplest way to translate from English into more than twenty languages and vice versa directly on the Internet!

We would like to offer you the opportunity to place Ectaco online translation forms on your site. We believe it will be an attractive More info...benefit to your site visitors.

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ECTACO iTRAVL 2 ECTACO iTRAVL 2: Rugged World Travel Smartphone, Voice Translator & Language Assistant.
Traveling can be an absolute pain! Trying to find your way around, interpreting another language, worrying about your phone & how you are going to access the internet! Stop worrying - we've got you completely covered with the new ECTACO iTRAVL 2!
The ECTACO iTRAVL 2 features the following:
  • Voice activated audio phrasebook with 14,000 entries
  • English Talking Electronic Dictionary
  • Talking Translation Dictionary
  • Picture dictionary with 39 languages
  • Universal translator - A 183 language word translator
  • Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof
  • 6 sensors: Accelerometer; Sound Sensor; Magnetic sensor; Orientation sensor; Light sensor; Proximity sensor.
  • And much, much more!
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ECTACO Partner LUX 4 PRO The World’s First Free Speech Translator – ECTACO Partner LUX 4 PRO

Meet the first-ever Free Speech Translator - ECTACO Partner LUX 4 PRO which has been specifically designed to translate any spoken words and phrases. This palm-size gadget represents the latest generation of talking electronic translators and proves to be one of the best language learning systems on the market. The ECTACO Partner LUX 4 PRO features the following:

  • Free Speech Translation
  • Compatibility with Android OS
  • Hi-Res Screen and Wi-Fi
  • Full Text Translator with voice output
  • Interactive Language Teacher system with speech recognition
  • Extensive Talking Dictionary and PhraseBook with human pronunciation
  • ECTACO® Market – get additional language combinations for your Partner LUX 4 PRO
  • And much, much more!
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ECTACO Partner P900 PRO ECTACO Partner P900 PRO

The ECTACO Partner P900 PRO is a groundbreaking device for those wanting to learn a language or looking to communicate with someone in a different language.

  • Free Speech Recognition and translation
  • Hi-Res Screen and Wi-Fi
  • Fully Interactive Language learning programs
  • Text and Voice Translation
  • Extensive Dictionaries
  • Bilingual interface
  • Ability to add other languages on SD cards
  • Compatibility with Android OS
  • And much, much more!
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The first-ever Electronic Translator that understands you! Software for Language Learning
Learn as you play, with ECTACO Flash Cards. They bring you fun and exciting games where you easily learn new words and reach perfection in spelling. Traveling? Waiting for an appointment? Wherever you are, now you can work on expanding your vocabulary and build up the confidence you need in speaking and writing in a foreign language. Learn essentials and study languages in depth! Learn essentials and study languages Translation Software for 218 languages

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